Open lies of BK Spiritual University disguising behind Hinduism

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14 November 2010 11:26

This organization is “Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University”, and one of their website in UK for example is

These people are openly cheating on the name of religion, and disguising behind Hinduism to conduct their mission. From their website I can assure you will find the usual peace-messaging events. But I would like to bring forward to true mission of thee charlatans. I hope you will think about talking to these people and expose their ridiculous and self-contradictory teachings to innocent people. Some of their teachings are:

1. The world is 5000 years old and the life repeats in a cycle of the same amount. In addition, whatever is happening now, will literally happen exactly in the same form and in the same way 5000 years from now. In addition, they claim, that this claim of 5000 years is taken from holy scripture “Gita”, which is at the same time not true anyways. Please see one of their illustrations attached.

2. Based on (1), they believe that man and dinosaurs walked on earth together.

2. They believe the world will come to an end, and when it will end, all the areas of the world except “India” will sink under water and only Indian land will be left behind. After the destruction, a new kingdom will be formed.

3. There is a specific number of chosen souls who will be part of that kingdom, and those will be, obviously, the ones who practice the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. On top of that, there is a specific number of souls (exactly 900,000) who will be able to make it after the destruction. Obviously, it includes them by default.

4. Their mission is to recruit these 900, 000 souls for the new kingdom, from all over the world.

5. They made predictions for destruction of the world 4 times so far, and all those times, they have been proven wrong.

6. All these teachings are recorded in their internal documents that they freely distribute to their members, who themselves are not allowed to share them outside with other people and not to discuss them.

7. Anyone who questions them, are labelled as foul, degraded and lower souls, and these people encourage their members to ignore them.

All these points, are very dangerous and they have resulted in several family conflicts and brainwashing of perfectly normal people.

I can attest to these few points from my first hand experience with them from India. I wish we can expose these lies and their true mission. They are running their centres allover the world, openly and no body can stop them. I hope this little thread can bring to everyone’s notice, these liars. I certainly can clarify any of those points above if someone has any question.