The Church seems to be concerned about losing it’s youth

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12 September 2011 14:07

I saw the following link posted on Facebook. At first I thought it was going to say how more and more people are turning to religion but as it went along it was actually stating the opposite. Apparently the church is getting worried that children have too much information at their fingertips which is making them turn away from religion. Critical Thinkers on the horizon?…r_embedded

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22 November 2011 15:16

Faith requires “early indoctrination”. I really believe that if a person can make it to their teens without being infected they are in the clear.
I have a theory that the information that we are taught at a very young age is “filed” very differently from other info. Especially if it is taught to us by our parents as important and absolutely true. If we were in the Jungle and we were taught, with great insistence, that we absolutely never climb down from the tree when it is dark we would necessarily NEED to simply accept that without any proof. It’s a necessary trait in our species in order to survive. In one respect the ability to accept certain things without proof could have been enforced through natural selection. Those individuals who require proof might have been lion bait. It’s sort of funny but it stands up to the horse sense test. 

I think this may explain the “intuition of God” and the old “well I just believe” thing that we hear so often.

BTW your link doesn’t work.

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