Baha’i Post and add a ‘Share’ Button?

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27 September 2011 21:38

Having been a card carrying Baha’i at one point until I started critically thinking I would be interested on what others have to say or have discovered about this new (as new as Mormonism but not as new as Scientology) religion.  The thing that got me to really look at it was their goal for their age of a new message was equality between the sexes…however it is written that no woman will serve on the Universal House of Justice.  *scratches head*  This opened my eyes to more discrepencies and set in more thought disonance.  Clearly a problem for a critical thinker, or budding critical thinker.

The other thing, there are some really good threads and comments that it would be nice to have a “Share” button to link to our twitter, FB, or Google +.

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