And yet Mittens vows to block our porn.

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20 September 2012 00:18

I greatly appreciate Sam Harris’ take on this issue, but Romney is nothing but a deluded shill who has already contradicted every possible shred of credit he could be due for defending free speech, freedom of religion, or any other freedom except freedom from paying taxes.

Sam completely fucked up giving Romney even an iota of credit.

It is not enough that Romney whimpered about Obama’s hesitation here. As Sam points out himself, only a complete message can suffice in this circumstance:

There can be no limits to free speech, FOR ANY REASON, NO EXCEPTIONS, RELIGION INCLUDED!

As you can see, this is not a message Romney can spread. But any less fails to meet the real minimum need of spreading the truth, any less falls fatally short of what is absolutely required here.

As it stands, Romney’s whining was at best a minor and accidental resemblance to this true message, motivated by nothing but shallow political opportunity. Romney cannot possibly speak the whole truth here, and even if he mouthed the words they would be a blatant lie on his lips, because we can all be fully assured he would sell out free speech in a heartbeat, just as he has repeatedly promised to do, in service to his cult and kindred fundamentalist cultists of all stripes.

Remember, one man’s porn is another man’s religion (69 FTW!), and you can’t claim to support freedom of speech and freedom of thought if you aim to impose your disagreement about which is which on me.