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The Problem of Islam

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Scientific research doesn’t say teenagers are incompetent when it comes to anything.  Your just drawing conclusions where there are none, to support your myths.

Scientific research says a teen’s brain is immature.  Immature means their brain does not understand the depth and breadth of making decisions that often result in cause and effect types of consequences.  I have never said teens are not competent (physically)  to have sex.  Of course they can physically have have sex.  Just as they know how to pour a glass of vodka and drink it and they know how to sign their name on a contract and they know how to start the engine to a car and pull the lever in a voting booth.  They lack maturity and I do not want 15 year old voting for the next president of the USA.  Nor do I want them driving cars or drinking alcohol because they don’t have MATURITY.  And an adult who has sex with a minor is taking extreme advantage of that person just as an adult who gives alcohol to a child and they get drunk or let a 12 year old drive a car on a public street.

You are telling me basically there is no difference between a 9 year old and a 21 year old. 

Anyway, let’s look at this from another angle.  You are saying a teenager is not competent enough to decide whether or not to engage in sex.  Please define what you mean by competence.

I’ve already done that.

Conventionally, and logically, one is considered competent with respect to making a decision if he/she (1) understands the matter which is to be decided upon, and (2) understands or appreciates the consequences of a decision/indecision for/against the decision that is in question.  So for example, one is understood to be competent to have sex if they understand what sex is, and what the implications/consequences of sex are.  When both of these conditions are filled, one is considered competent.

Bullshit.  A 9 year old may understand that driving a car can cause accidents but that does not make a 9 year old competent to drive a car on the LA freeway (or any other public road).

Are you telling me that an adolescent, simply because his/her brain is not ‘mature’ as say, a 21 year old, is not competent to make any decision that a 21 year old could make?  As a side, perhaps we should restrict middle age adults from certain freedoms given the inevitability of the mid-life crisis, which must obviously be due to specific features of the mid-life brain.

This is such a weak argument. A 9 year old is as competent as a 21 year old. You are joking aren’t you?  I’ve already made the point so no reason to repeat.

In the end, your argument makes to sense, at best, and insofar as it supposedely relies on science, is, as I said before, dishonest.

Stop calling me dishonest.

I already explained my science position. There is NOTHING dishonest about saying science indicates a teens’ brain is less mature than an adult.

<snip>There is NO inherent difference between a nine year old who has reached maturity (i.e. puberty) and a 21 year old, just like there is no real difference between a 21 year old and a 33 year old, except in what SOCIETY dictates.

Bullshit.  I’m trying to imagine someone who isn’t a pedophile saying that, and it’s very difficult.

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