Garfinkel and proto-Canaanite text spurs wild speculation.

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01 November 2008 07:06

Once you get past the wild unsubstantiated speculation of Yosef Garfinkel the actual evidence paints a very different picture. Garfinkel has an agenda, arrived at his conclusions decades ago, and is now morphing the evidence to back up his preconceived notions. Garfinkel’s “science” is no different than phrenologists’ “science”. Garfinkel found a shard of pottery with some proto-Canaanite text and then concludes that David existed and was a powerful king over a mighty kingdom…...hmmmmmmmm.

“While the site could be useful to scholars, archaeologist Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University urged adhering to the strict boundaries of science.

Finkelstein…warned against what he said was a “revival in the belief that what’s written in the Bible is accurate like a newspaper.”

That style of archaeology was favored by 19th century European diggers who trolled the Holy Land for physical traces of Biblical stories, their motivation and methods more romantic than scientific.”

Using Garfinkel’s “scientific method” I concluded the following. I found some unidentifiable animal hair on a branch in my suburban backyard. Therefore I conclude that Sasquatch exists.