Proposition 8 in California

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08 November 2008 09:59

If we are going to use the Old Testament to define our laws as in the case of gay marriage via Prop. 8 in CA then we open up the field. My post is satirical by the way. However The Orthodox Jews, Fundamentalist Christians, and the Mormons should consider what other things the Old Testament dictates. For example (tongue in cheek) we need amendments on the following:

Prop 9: The death penalty for adultery. Leviticus 20:10

Prop 10: Children who curse at their parents to be stoned. This should greatly reduce the population in the U.S. Exodus 21:17

Prop 11: Those who do not convert to Judaism will be executed. Exodus 22:20 This will need a slavery clause. Those who do not convert to Judaism can be made slaves if that is more convenient for the Jewish people in a particular situation. Leviticus 25:44-46 [This is a tough break for the Mormons and Fundy Christians who thought that strict adherence to Biblical teachings would be to their benefit. Two choices folks and the decision is not yours; you will either become a slave or you will be executed.]

Prop 12: Death penalty for fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readers, etc Leviticus 20:27

Prop 13: Death penalty for working on the Sabbath. Leviticus 23:29-30; Numbers 15: 32-36

Prop 14: Those who are ill and morticians will have all of their assets seized and they will be put into the street. Numbers 5: 1-4

Prop 15: By this point it has become painfully obvious that Yahweh wants everyone dead so this is the annihilation amendment aka “Who would Yahweh/God kill? Everyone!!!” Global population 14 million.

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08 November 2008 10:19

Prop 16: The state of California must immediately shut down all Red Lobster establishments within its borders. According to Leviticus 11:10-12, clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, and shrimp are all abominations.

Prop 17: Heterosexual activity during the female’s menstrual cycle must result in both individuals being deported from the Golden State (Leviticus 20:18).

Prop 18: Women may not wear men’s clothing or vice versa, for it is an abomination as well. (Deuteronomy 22:5). Anyone caught cross-dressing must be immediately prosecuted, and punished according to the severity of the crime.

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26 January 2013 14:18

Although I appreciate the spirit of what has been said, it doesn’t adaquately address the real problem. Although a minority behind prop 8 may advocate from verses in the OT, most are believing what is said in the NT. Or in the case of the LDS faith what is said by the General authorities, who apparently have a direct line to god. Any line of reasoning and consistency of source just doesn’t work in their thinking.