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Requesting volunteers for the Treason Project

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17 December 2008 20:51
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Dennis Campbell - 07 December 2008 02:59 PM


FTR, I am NOT a part of any “Treason Project!”  That was an induction without consent or agreement.  IS, next time, before implying that anyone is a part of anything, it’d be useful to get their agreement ahead of time.  Posting on a thread does not by that fact endorse that thread.


I never implied that you were a part of the Treason Project, I simply said that you and others had been examining atheist fundamentalists statements on this thread, which is the truth.  And I also never claimed any of you endorsed the thread.

Sure you did. If you read this miserable thread, we aren’t “examining atheist fundamentalists statements”, we are examining the self righteous and rejection sensitive. You are going to have to give it a rest IS. Intolerance etc, etc, are not the same as, do not sum to fundamentalism.

One can’t be fundamentalist without a doctrine to be fundamental about. Sam Harris is right, atheism is the ism that isn’t.

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