The Science of Morality

Vovo Morgan
Vovo Morgan
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08 May 2010 12:04

” ....But the consequences of moral relativism have been disastrous.

Christians have been telling you that for years, Mr harris.

“What evidence could prove that we should value evidence?  What logic could demonstrate the importance of logic? As it turns out, these are
the wrong questions. The right question is, why should we care what such
a person thinks in the first place? “

You’re right again!
It’s all about caring!!

Come and join the discussion here:

Sam Harris confirms Christian reasoning. Again.

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29 September 2010 19:27

Since there is the science of morality there must be a definition of morality or better moral principles. What is this definition?

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24 February 2011 10:36

Suppose, just suppose, that you discover there is no God. Does your morality still exist? If not, then Harris doesn’t agree with you. If so, then…well that IS another thing you guys agree on (on top of the uselessness of moral relativism). He still doesn’t think there’s a God, though.

The better moral principle is that which “increases the flourishing of conscious creatures” as best we understand each of these terms - since science will tell us more about everything from consciousness to flourishing. To Harris, if you’re talking about “what God wants” or that which the Universe and Black Holes strive for…you’re talking about something else…