Division of Powers

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14 November 2010 03:00

I am quite paranoid.  I come by it naturally, there is a history of homicidal insanity and schizophrenia in my family.  So, I am always convinced that when they start to come and take people away to bad places I will be on the top of the list.

I like having lots of different religions in the US, and seriously dislike the idea of traditional religions vanishing.

Human beings come hard wired to learn morals, as they come hard wired to learn language.  They search in life for a moral authority.

Separation of Church and State makes the moral authority separate from the secular authority.  This is very, very good.  Moral authorities become corrupted by secular wealth and power and cease to be effective moral authorities.

The secular authority become corrupted by acquiring moral authority and begins to impose moral standards by force, inquisitions, labor camps, etc.

It is very, very good to keep these things separate.  If the Church is destroyed, people will still seek a moral authority in their lives.  They will look to the only authority, the State as their moral authority and separation of church and state will cease to exist.  Enter death camps, reeducation camps, and me hiding in a hole.

I therefore love traditional religions, and in the interest of division of powers as a safeguard to personal freedoms, lots of them.  Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, the more there are the less power each has and the safer I am.

So, talk of abolishing traditional religions scares me.  Just as a practical matter of real world political division of power.