Israeli flag flown over U.S. flag in metro Atlanta

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25 July 2011 11:42

Yesterday, I noticed that a neighbor, whom I had previously noticed enjoyed flying the Stars and Stripes on his front yard flag pole, had added a new banner to the display: the Israeli flag, flying above the U.S. flag on the same mast.

My wife, who does a better job of keeping her finger on the pulse of the right wing, suggests Glenn Beck has been encouraging this behavior.

I don’t know my neighbor’s religious or socio-political beliefs, but I imagine the “logic” or “reasoning” goes something like this:
Assuming “he” is right-wing, Christian or both,
1. Islamic states/Islam/Muslims are Israel’s enemies, and they are Christian America’s enemies, therefore Israel is our friend. (The enemy of my friend is my enemy.)
2. Israel is the national home to Jews, the Christian/Jewish god’s chosen people. So, even though they don’t know Jesus is Lord, they flags flyer support the Jewish homeland, since Jesus’s dad is also father to all Jews and Christians.

What does it mean?

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14 February 2012 17:30

that is disgusting. however, i’m sure sam harris would be proud.

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18 February 2012 08:00

welcome bl

i think your wife is probably right about the general source.  no doubt she has a stronger stomach than i do, fox network is blocked in my house.
at least you now know your neighbor is a treasonous idiot.