The Zakaria claim that Iran is a rational actor

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29 March 2012 08:47

After reading the End of Faith, it now seems fairly clear to me—in contrast to my earlier view on the matter—that Zakaria’s continued support for Iran as being “a rational actor” involves a deceptive play on the meaning of rational, is a false argument and is probably very dangerous for America and for its friends in the Mideast. 

Zakaria, specifically, suggests that Iran is rational because it would not want the destruction that a nuclear attack by them would bring, but Sam has pointed out that the true aim of devout Muslims is not survival in this world but happiness in the imaginary next one, a goal clearly reachable through a martyr’s death.

Yet I see no challenge to this repeated claim of Zakaria’s in the media, and I wonder why it is not being seriously discussed and or refuted.