Book suggestions

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13 August 2012 09:40

I’m going to make an effort to become more learned, which is why I’m looking for popular scientific books on the topics of:

Game theory (ideally with an evolutionary perspective and with the Prisoner’s dilemma featured).
Moral philosophy (I’ve read Practical Ethics by Singer, going to get Rethinking Life and Death… I would like some sort of introduction to philosophy as a whole, but I guess it’s to broad to shrink into a book).
How cognition/consciousness works (like How The Minds Works by Pinker - has that one grown old with grace?).
The science and history (and perhaps philosophy) of depression.
Introduction to politics (as objective as possible and with data to back up claims, not just arguments).
A good big bang book (tried a Stephen Hawking one which worked for the first chapters but then got to fuzzy for me).

I would prefer if the books had a distinguished author with credentials (ergo: no journalists), but it’s not a must.

There’s probably a thread like this somewhere but I didn’t find it. Everyone can use this thread for their own book requests as far as I’m concerned…