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24 December 2004 14:25

I don't really want to debate philosophy here, I want practical things to do.

I firmly believe there are only two real powers in the US, and dollars count more than votes.

So, I am watching where I spend my money, and where I invest it.

So far, any advertiser supporting Clear Channel, Fox Broadcasting, or Disney, is on my boycott list.  I am supporting advertisers on our only local independent news station for this area.

I try to get independent news from outside US sources, and support those sources.

I do support Americans United for Seperation, but I dont think that is the entire problem, we are very close to a One party democracy, and I think a one party democracy is an oxymoron.



Frank Armstrong
Frank Armstrong
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24 December 2004 14:50

FWIW: Here’s another site that spells out how much moola was contributed to what party. 


The next time you spend a buck, ask yourself where has it been and where might it be headed…asking questions is the hallmark of liberty.


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16 February 2005 06:53