Missing the wave

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06 January 2005 16:10

Sam, (taking a devil's position) just curious, wondered if you have thought of what the world would be like if we gave the 'rabbits' ever increasing sustenance. Would it create a similar situation as the one that we are in due to the ‘green revolution'?

I believe it was in the fifties or thereabouts when Americans developed hybrid corn. Instead of one ear per corn stalk there was suddenly three or more ears per corn stalk.

We ‘saved' Mexico and Latin America. A population explosion ensued.

And now a large majority have moved to the bosom of their creator, the USA.

And we have a dilemma: we can not legalize them (they would refuse to work for the money we are willing to pay) and we can not send them away (who would do the work?).

Rich nations will trickle out enough wealth to please their critics and no more.

Do we want another 100 million refuges moving to America?