Ohio Teen Expects to be Suspended for Trip to Prom

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10 May 2009 16:15

FINDLAY, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio teenager says he expects to be suspended from a Christian school for attending a public school prom with his girlfriend.

Officials at Heritage Christian School in Findlay had warned 17-year-old Tyler Frost that he would be suspended and prohibited from attending graduation if he went to the Saturday dance. The fundamentalist Baptist school in northwest Ohio forbids dancing, rock music and hand holding.

Frost says he went to the dance because he wanted to experience the prom and didn’t think it was wrong.

School officials say he could complete his final exams separately to receive a diploma.

Frost’s stepfather says the rules shouldn’t apply outside of school and he may take legal action if Frost is suspended.


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11 May 2009 22:04

As a private school the administrators can do what they want, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.  I don’t imagine the school is interested in attracting students with an objectionable opinion, but if they want a small tent then so be it, but this is another example of how religion divides men from their natural attraction to each other.