vaulting the is/ought barrier

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23 September 2010 16:49

note: this post only supplies a link to an article on my blog.  i’ve decided to post the entire article on this forum.  the title of the new post is “the ‘is/ought’ article”. i figure i might have a better chance of getting feedback this way—and i really want feedback!

hi everybody,

though i’ve been following mr. harris’ work since ‘the end of faith’ came out, i’ve never participated in this forum before.

i’m hoping that some of you will be willing to read an article i wrote.  the ideas in it parallel a lot of mr. harris’s latest ideas that will be included in ‘the moral landscape’.  i’m pretty sure our foci concerning the issue of establishing a science of morality are different enough that our writings may be more likely to compliment rather than duplicate each other (but i guess i’m not entirely sure about that).

regardless, i’d really like to know what any of you think about what i’ve written.

i hesitate to ask you to visit my blog, since i’m normally bothered by such requests when i encounter them on other forums or comment pages, but the article’s pretty long and i’m not sure if it would be appropriate to post the whole thing here.  if you think it would be better to just post it here, let me know, and i’ll do that.

otherwise, ‘anomic’ is my blog, and the article i’m talking about is the 1st one on the front page entitled ‘vaulting the is/ought barrier’. 

feel free to leave your comments here or on my blog—it makes no difference to me.  i’m just looking for some intelligent feedback.

kevin tomascik

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