I’m shocked that something so rational could be so controversial

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31 December 2010 06:02

I have a degree from a seminary as well as a Ph.D. in humanities, both achieved along my search for truth.  Michael Shermer’s book Why People Believe Weird Things helped me understand why even smart people are unable to let evidential reasoning rule their worldview.  Thank goodness Sam Harris has taken up the crusade with Shermer, whose book The Science of Good and Evil articulated rather well my own view about the origin of morals.  Now I applaud Sam Harris’ laying down of the gaunlet to join in the attack against one of the last strongholds of religion, the moral sphere.  How anyone can think religious leaders have any more authority in the moral sphere, given their history of persecution and tyranny, than they have in science, with their history of ridiculous explanations of the natural world, is beyond my comprehension.  Keep up the great work, Sam!!!