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Thought you'd all find this interesting.  This is a contract workers for this org.  must sign to be hired.  I can't imagine this is legal.  I'd love to hear a lawyer's view on it.  The entire document can be found on the ex jews for jesus site. 

Jews for Jesus is an international Jewish Evangelistic Society and not an organization in the ordinary sense of the word. As a covenant worker, I view my role not only as an employee, but also as a fellow minister. The following is a covenant or agreement of principles between co-ministers based upon the understanding that we are banded together by God for the purpose of serving Y'shua. The purpose of this covenant is to define our mutual commitments in this service. By my signature, I freely agree to abide by the terms of this covenant.

3) NOTIFICATION OF INCAPACITY. In the event that there is any change in ability to perform my duties through emotional, doctrinal or physical incapacity, I will notify my immediate supervisor at once. Thereupon, my fitness for service with the ministry may be reviewed by the executive director of Jews for Jesus.

1) GIFTS. I will not encourage personal gifts, gifts of merchandise or equipment which would benefit my ministry (II Corinthians 8:20-21, I Thessalonians 5:22). All gifts given to members of my household resulting from relationships established in the course of my ministry will also be turned over to the ministry. Exceptions must be in writing by the executive director for a specific occasion and amount. I will keep record of any individual gift for a period of three years due to government regulations.

2) SUPPLEMENTAL EARNINGS. No staff member may work on any creative project for publication or sale without prior approval. I will turnover all royalties, honoraria, talent fees and earnings received from work done during my involvement with Jews For Jesus. These amounts will then go into my accounts. Royalties and residuals for employment undertaken before I joined the ministry, and earnings made from investments do not need to be turned over. In order for the ministry to build the best total benefit package for me, it is suggested that family supplemental earnings be reported.

SECTION F. Courtship, Marriage, and Family Life
1) SELECTION OF MATE. Since it is the nature of the ministry to pervade one's whole life, the wise worker will seek a mate who, by temperament and spirituality, is suited to a ministry commitment. Unmarried staff members and approved students are permitted to contemplate marriage only with believers. Any dating or relationships which might lead to courtship or marriage with nonbelievers will not be tolerated (II Corinthians 6:14-16). It should not be presumed that courtship or marriage are only personal affairs, inasmuch as they greatly affect the course and the conduct of the ministry. Courtship commences when two people choose to explore the possibility of marriage with one another. Therefore, those planning to stay with the ministry must seek counsel and secure consent of their courtship from those in authority (Hebrews 13:17; I Peter 5:5). The timing of the marriage should be coordinated with the immediate supervisor so that such staff as are needed will be available to be involved in the wedding.

2) DEFINITION OF COURTSHIP. Courtship is a mutual agreement wherein a man and woman relate to one another with a view toward marriage.

3) THE NATURE OF COURTSHIP. Jews for Jesus requires a period of courtship for those contemplating marriage. The courtship may be ended by either party without reason at any time. The staff member(s) involved must notify the ministry of the dissolution of the courtship immediately. Courting couples are special to one another. Therefore, when courting, it is improper to enter into other dating relationships or to allow oneself to contemplate courting another.

4) ASSIGNMENT OF MARRIED PERSONNEL. Assignments will be made on the basis of the skills and qualifications of each individual in a marriage when both persons are involved in the ministry and subject to the Worker's Covenant. However, the talents, abilities and calling of the husband will be given priority consideration when both husband and wife are under the covenant.

5) PREGNANCY. In the event that a married woman in the ministry becomes pregnant, she will offer her resignation as soon as she finds out. Here children are to be considered her first and foremost ministry (Titus 2:4-5). Her status during her pregnancy will be reviewed on a month-to-month basis. Further opportunities for service may be made available at a later date.

6) SINGLES. Jews for Jesus recognizes the validity of a choice to remain single and serve God. We affirm those who choose to remain single in service to Y'shua. The single person who chooses to be single should be shielded from undue pressure to marry (I Corinthians 7:26-7). Those singles who do pursue dating relationships will do so in a responsible manner and in accordance with appropriate dating guidelines.(See Appendix I.)

7) NONEMPLOYED SPOUSES. The non-employed spouses of Jews for Jesus staff workers are expected to uphold their mates in an unconventional life-style. The ministry will seek to uphold the non-employed spouses and look for opportunities to involve them in ministry.

8) MARITAL DIFFICULTIES AND DIVORCE. In the event that a married couple should encounter extended marriage difficulties of such a nature that the proper performance of the ministry might possibly be affected, it is the obligation of the head of the family to notify the immediate supervisor at once (I Timothy 3:4-5, 11; I Peter 3:7). In the event through unscriptural divorce, the covenant worker must offer his resignation.

9) FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES. Those members of Jews for Jesus who are single and desire marriage should be given consideration on appointments to place them in positions where they can meet appropriate mates and enter into courtship (Genesis 2:18). Those in a courtship are recognized as requiring consideration in the cultivation of their relationship. Those who are married are entitled to be given assignments that provide for the growth and development of family life (I Corinthians 7:5; Ephesians 5:33). Appointments should be made on the basis of individual merit according to Scripture without respect to gender or marital status (Romans 2:11). It is the duty of the supervisor to encourage good family life. However, there will be times when, for the sake of the ministry, husbands and wives will have to be away from each other. Hopefully, we will not call for extended separation of more than a month at a time unless absolutely necessary for the ongoing work of the ministry (I Corinthians 7:3-5).

Staff workers should not date people who are a part of their "caseload."
Dating or courting couples should not entertain one another alone in their respective places of residence.
A dating couple should not go on vacation together or take weekends away together unless the event is structured and chaperoned (e.g. a singles weekend). Thus, traveling together unaccompanied is not acceptable. Going to motels together, even if you are staying in separate rooms, should not occur.
No staff worker should pursue an extended relationship or courtship with more than one person at a time.
No staff worker should date a nonbeliever.
Staff workers should not date someone who is separated or in the process of divorce.
Staff workers who have a ministry career mind-set should try to seek a mate who is like-minded.
Before dating a non-staff person, a vocational worker should seriously consider the possible consequences of that relationship
a. It is possible that the non-staff person will not understand the lifestyle inherent with a ministry commitment and make unreasonable demands of the worker's time and energy.
b. The staff worker might become distracted from his ministry duties and readjust his priorities inappropriately.c. If the dating relationship were to end in an unfriendly way, the non-staff person might cease attending ministry functions.
In courtship one must remember that families are involved. Couples seeking engagement should plan to meet and spend time with each other's respective parents while the other person is not present. This will enable the individual to get to know the parents in a way that would not be possible if the couple were together.

3) EDUCATION. I am entitled as part of my service to gain additional education in an approved course of study to better myself for service. However, such education must not interfere with the ability to do routine duties (II Peter 1:2,3:18).
School Standards
1. Orthodoxy: The school should have a doctrinal statement available that agrees in principle with that of the Jews for Jesus ministry. Where none is offered, the headmaster and the main teacher must state their written agreement with the doctrinal statement of Jews for Jesus. In general, the school must be recognized in the local Christian community as upholding the evangelical position.

SECTION D. Leaving the Ministry
1) RESIGNATION. Since I am not an employee in the ordinary sense of the word, it is inherent in the covenant to facilitate leaving the ministry of Jews for Jesus should I no longer feel the liberty of the Holy Spirit to renew my covenant relationship. To make this transition as orderly as possible I will give at least 90 days notice of my intent not to renew my covenant prior to any renewal date. Should I reapply in the future, my abilities, capabilities and longevity will be considered in the re-establishment of my benefits package. I might not return to the same position I held when I left.

If I leave before my term is finished without the expressed prior consent of the Jews for Jesus Council, I cannot expect to receive a positive reference or letter of recommendation from Jews for Jesus. Any reference given on my behalf will always include the phrase that I did not fulfill the terms of my agreement.

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Isn’t a “Messianic Jew” just simply a Christian by definition?

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PantheistAnonymous - 17 January 2008 04:26 PM

Isn’t a “Messianic Jew” just simply a Christian by definition?

(Andrew):  Yes.  If a Jew is “for Jesus”, he’s no longer a Jew.