Easter: Christian or Pagan? VIDEO

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22 March 2008 09:10

LOL, how convenient this year that the “official” holiday of Easter is exactly 3 days after the Spring Equinox! This year the spring equinox was March 20th & Easter will be held on the 23rd - ha, ha, ha ...

Easter: Christian or Pagan?

“Contrary to popular belief, Easter does not represent the “historical” crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In reality, the gospel tale reflects the annual “crossification” of the sun through the vernal equinox (Spring), at which time the sun is “resurrected,” as the day begins to become longer than the night.

Rather than being a “Christian” holiday, Easter celebrations date back into remotest antiquity and are found around the world, as the blossoming of spring did not escape the notice of the ancients, who revered this life-renewing time of the year, when winter had passed and the sun was “born again.” The “Pagan” Easter is also the Passover, and Jesus Christ represents not only the sun but also the Passover Lamb ritually sacrificed every year by a number of cultures, including the Egyptians, possibly as early as 4,000 years ago and continuing to this day in some places.”

Enjoy the video -